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Standard Process requires you to order their products through a Physician.  Once we establish a doctor-patient relationship, via a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to make sure you are ordering exactly what you need and to answer any questions you may have on your journey to better health. You may create an account with Dr. Gail and Standard Process here. Give us a call at 910-790-4575 today!

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What you need to know about supplements …

When it comes to nutrition the web is full of information, enough to confuse most people. So, let me tell you a bit about what I know. First vitamins and minerals ORIGINALLY came from foods; now they are made in a laboratory. These ‘so called vitamins’ are called isolates or synthetics which means all of this nutrition is missing parts and pieces known essential co-factors and co-enzymes which are detrimental in a properly functioning body.

Your first choice should only be whole food concentrates first when choosing vitamins and mineral supplements. Herbs, and homeopathic remedies should come second and third respectively because the body must first have nutrients to work best. Herbs and homeopathic remedies help fill in the gaps nicely once the nutrients are sufficient.

Secondly you want to know how the products are handled? Are they farmed or made in a factory? Are they vacuumed dried or being heated to high temperatures or freeze dried? Some companies even irradiate their products which causes a loss of up to 40% of the plants vitality. Yikes!

When reading a label here are a few HINTS:

If your supplement label reads 500mg, 1000mg or even 3333mg immediately suspect this is a synthetic isolate product. Real food does not have these high milligrams; you will see a label that reads 10 or 25 mg. But know this is a much more complete product with co-factors and co-enzymes even though it appears to be less it is not.

So this brings me to my favorite company is Standard Process.

SP offers whole food concentrates grown at their farms in Wisconsin since 1929. I have been to their farms four times and each time been amazed at the entire process! I have eaten spanish black radish out of the fields with President of the company, Charlie DuBois; had alfalfa freshly picked, oh my gosh so good and alive/refreshing!; beets newly chopped and dried. YUM! This experience in itself cannot be matched at any other supplement company in the nation as far as I am aware. The farms are amazing … well just click on the link and read for yourself, you don’t have to take my word for it.

They even have dog, cat and horse supplements!! Canine, feline and equine!

Now for the record, I do use a product or two or three from other companies when needed. I do love Medi Herbs’ herbs; they are the best you can buy! I tend to use an Armor-like supplement from Biotics, brain chemistry products from NeuroScience and homeopathic remedies from NET and a few other companies.


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