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It’s easy to be overwhelmed and confused with the nutritional choices available to us in today’s over commercialized diet-driven society. Without training, knowledge and truth behind what makes our body work, bad choices loom and are causing our global nutritional health to suffer signifcantly. Not only are we not preventing disease, but with the way society as a whole eats today, we are creating disease in epidemic proportions.

But there is good news! Given the proper nutrition, the human body is designed to heal itself.  All we have to do is feed it well.

Dr. Gail Galligan has invested a significant amount of time and research to understand the way nutrition impacts our health and uses that knowledge along with the modality of analysis called Nutritional Response Testing, hand-in-hand with her chiropractic care. As a client, you’ll have access to her knowledge and counseling services, a veritable library of resources and information and can purchase a unique brand of Nutritional Supplements – Standard Process. For additional information about the value of Whole Foods Nutrition, please visit our Knowledge Center or download some Standard Process materials and price list below. Read more about NRT (Nutritional Response Testing) here.


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