The Truth About Vitamins and Whole Food Nutrition

When I was in undergraduate school at UNC-Wilmington, I was on the forefront of the health craze. I did aerobic classes, rode my bicycle with The Cape Fear Cyclist, completed 100 miles in one day with the club, received the Governor’s Award for bicycling 500 miles in one month, participating in recreational running, weight lifted on the newest machinery (It was Nautilus at the time.) and… I took vitamins.

Synthetic vitamins that I believed in wholeheartedly were part of an optimal health regiment. I thought I was doing the best I could do for myself only to learn later I was actually causing more of a problem and robbing my body of vital co-factors and co-enzymes the body needs to even function properly, much less function at its best. I was taking high doses of vitamins that were made from synthetic chemicals in a lab!!! Devoid of very important co-factors that must be present for certain cascading biochemical events to naturally occur supporting what we call life, these vitamins were not living or helping the living! At the time I was unaware that vitamins came from foods grown in the soils that we eat, as God intended. At the time I thought those vitamins were the best possible addition for my health. I was wrong.

Many months into the use of these synthetic lab made chemical so-called vitamins my Uncle Joe asked me why I bruised so easily. And I started to pay attention. I did bruise easily. Years later I was to learn that bruising is the first sign of Scurvy which is a well known and documented Vitamin C deficiency. Wow. Why?? I was taking vitamins?? But they were synthetic, not from food!!

This is an example of synthetic chemical vitamins robbing my body and yours of nutrients essential for cell function. The FDA allows ascorbic-acid to be called Vitamin C, but it truly is only one piece of the     C-Vitamin Complex!! The food form contains bioflavonoids, tyrosinase, J,P, and K Factors as well is the ascorbic acid outer layer which is the antioxidant protection.

Now, as a Chiropractic Physician, I want the best for my patients, myself and my family. I invite you to reevaluate what you are doing for your health from your chiropractic care to your nutritional supplements.

Call my office, complete the 200 question body symptom survey and be scanned on the newest biofeedback technology for your nutritional visit or call for your consultation, evaluation to get started in chiropractic care both for your optimal health care… not sick care.


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