GFC Medical Assistance Plan

Here at Galligan Family Chiropractic we want the best for you and your family. This means we want to be affordable and offer care to the entire family. In order to offer a savings, our office must become a medical assistance/membership community to comply with the NC Board of Chiropractors. Therefore, a $10 non-refundable, annual fee applies for each family member. This Medical Assistance Plan (GFC Plan) covers all applicable services.

Our annual GFC  plan offers you reduced prices for services and some products offered at Galligan Chiropractic. *If you would like to become a member online, please fill out the Medical Assistance Form located in the right hand sidebar of this page.

Disclosures: This discount plan is not a health insurance plan or Medicare option. We are “out of Network,” which means we do not ‘take’ any insurance at this time. But, we still work with any insurance you provide. We can file your insurance for you, upon request. Your deductible can be “chipped away” and/or any allowable reimbursements will be sent to you.

This plan provides a discount for the services and products offered in our office at Galligan Chiropractic. The GFC Plan Member is required and obligated to pay for all discounted services and products received at the time of the visit. Members will have access to their insurance providers without restrictions.

  • Let us know if you would like to become a GFC Plan Member for an annual $10.00 fee.
  • Retail and Membership costs listed below.

Retail Cost and Member Costs

Initial Retail Protocol Fees:
Retail – $54/adjustment. (Dr. Gail’s initial 30 visit Corrective Care protocol plan)
Initial Membership Protocol Fees:
GFC Plan Member $43.20 (Dr. Gail’s initial 30 visit Corrective Care protocol plan)

Maintenance Fees with membership: (upon completion of initial 30 visit protocol)
6 Visits for $198 ($33/visit) in one payment to be used within 13 months OR
12 Visits for $396 ($33/visit in one payment to be used within 13 months.
When purchasing 12 visits at a time you will receive a FREE Standard Process Catalyn supplement which really “does a body good.” This is a multi-vitamin/mineral whole food supplement and we’d love to gift to you in appreciation for your dedication to continued self-healing. The six and twelve visit packages must be used within 13 months.

Other Services:

Nutritional Response Testing (NRT):
Retail – $125.00. GFC Plan Member price is ½ OFF $62.50 Retail NRT Re-visit – $37.00  GFC Member NRT Re-visit price $27.00
Neuro-Emotional Release
Retail – $200/hour. GFC Plan Member price $160/hour ($40/15 min)
Cold Laser Therapy

$30 Cold Laser. GFC Plan Member price is $25.00/session
Zyto Biocommunication

Retail – $125.00. GFC Plan Member price is ½ OFF $62.50


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