Neuro-Emotional Technique

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Medical professionals have known for decades of the complex cellular relationship between mind and body when it comes to genuine healing and relief from pain and functional limitations. Licensed, professional chiropractors who study and understand that relationship – and employ the principles of N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique) – typically help their patients achieve better, faster, and more enduring relief of a wide variety of painful medical conditions.

Simply put, N.E.T. is a stress reduction tool focused on relieving many behavioral and physical problems that actually get in the way of the body’s ability to heal itself, conditions like chronic injuries, misaligned joints, nerves, and arteries, as well as persistent or recurring negative emotional tendencies like worry, anger, depression, and so on. By treating both mind and body with chiropractic care that employs N.E.T., patients who suffer from these afflictions frequently get positive results that improve their quality of life dramatically.

It’s important to note that N.E.T. is not a form of psychological or psychiatric therapy or treatment. Practitioners of the N.E.T. tool use a powerful “Home Run Formula” model to assess and address the needs of their patients, with four primary factors considered: (1) emotional/stress-related factors, (2) the effects of toxins on the body, (3) nutritional needs, and (4) structural needs. Licensed, professional chiropractors trained in the N.E.T. approach are helping more patients than ever to find immediate and lasting relief where other techniques have fallen short.

Please have a look at this informative documentary about STRESS:

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