Whole Food Vitamins

Do whole food vitamins really exist?? Yes!! I prefer Standard Process whole food supplements. This company has been around since the late 1920’s and they do it right from quality soil, water, farming, to cold processing.

Catalyn is “America’s first multiple vitamin and trace mineral product is made with whole food ingredient sources.” (L5376) This is a foundational product made to assist the many functions of the body by providing key ingredients. Carrot root, alfalfa, pea vine, mushroom and other ingredients are grown on the certified organic farms in Wisconsin. With real whole food ingredients you are supporting the enzyme systems and the biochemical cycles in the body which help heal the body and make it work better. This helps assist the body with symptoms like fatigue and lowered resistance.

One thing I consistently see are pregnant women nauseous from their prescribed or OTC multivitamin. Once I change them to Catalyn along with Folic Acid B12 they are no longer nauseous!!

Another reason I prefer Standard Process products is they do not add loads of synthetic ingredients to their products. For example, the ascorbic acid SP uses acts as a preservative and is in small amounts unlike other ‘whole food’ supplement companies. When you read their labels look for huge RDA’s. These are an indicator that, yes, they are synthetic!!