You will not believe how much BETTER I am after using the Shift Essential Oil cream! I used it for my sore arthritic joints but it did So Much more! I had very tight neck muscles, was unable to wiggle the toes on one foot and always felt off kilter. I was not dizzy exactly and did not have vertigo but my perception of the world felt off balance. Putting the cream on my joints and sore neck surprisingly allowed my toes to wiggle and the off-balance feeling to go away! I am feeling great and excited to see how much more healing comes.~ Lynda T.

I cannot sing enough praises for Galligan Chiropractic!
My sweet little goat somehow lost the use of first one front leg and eventually the other front leg. My vet took x-rays but nothing seem broken or out of place. Poor little Ivy goat got worse overnight and I took her to NC State Veterinary Hospital to have her checked out. All her blood work came back normal, the doctors there check out her x-rays and all looked good with them. They figured it was probably some kind of trauma but nothing was showing up on the x-rays and they were stumped.
When I got home from my trip to Raleigh, I was horribly upset, my poor little Ivy, who was only 7 month old, could not get to a standing position by herself and when she tried to lay down, she would cry out in pain and fall on her face.
My daughter suggested that I take her to Gail Galligan Chiropractic in Wilmington, she had taken her dog to Gail before and had wonderful results with his treatments there.
Out of desperation I called and got an appointment. After Ivy’s first treatment, she was walking, she could lay down and get back up without crying in pain. After her second treatment, she was jumping and dancing around like a little goat should.
It has been about a month since her first treatment and Ivy is full of life, jumping and twisting, butting and running.
I can not thank Dr. Gail enough, both Ivy and I are forever grateful we found her! ~ Tia B.

Dr Gail has been my chiropractor for 3 years. She is kind and caring and takes time to educate her patients on maintaining wellness. Highly recommend if you have any chronic areas that get out of alignment. She is also the only chiropractor who adjusts animals in this area. So bring Fido in. She also adjusts horses. ~ K. Smith

My black Labrador of 11.5 years is already showing improvement and is happier, after just one treatment. 🙂 ~ J. Chambers

As a fellow chiropractor, I value Dr.Gail and Quimby tremendously! I travel 45 minutes every week to bring my fur baby to her for optimal healing from a certified chiropractic vet! Thank you for helping my puppy child achieve overall health and wellness! ~ Molly Smyser


Pat R. Whole Food Testimony 😀 

Pat had been having difficulty sleeping and found herself waking up at the same time every night. After scanning her body here at Galligan Chiropractic, she was able to identify the weak area and correct that area using Standard Process Whole Food Supplements. Listen to an audio recording of  Pat’s testimony above.

PupPup, my 11-year-old Chihuahua has Cushing’s Syndrome, characterized by coughing, panting, frequent drinking water and urination, loss of muscle tone in legs (quit climbing stairs or jumping in chair), and often acting agitated.  My vet said there’s medicine for it, but not always very effective.  I tried Zyrtec for awhile, and because it would make her sleepy it would decrease the coughing, panting, and agitation.I decided to take her to Dr. Gail Galligan to try chiropractic.  In addition to treatment, she gave me nutritional support with whole food supplements for my dog. Within a few days after the first visit, she showed improvement in many of her symptoms, and kept improving over the next month or more.  Even the ‘accidents’ in the house stopped! The second visit showed more improvement; she only occasionally has coughing spells or panting, and no more agitation; she often runs back up the stairs, and wants to play tug of war again! She looks more alert and definitely has a new lease on life! Now, whenever she starts coughing more frequently, we do a revisit to Dr. Galligan, usually every 6-8 weeks.  Definitely less costly than medicine, and with remarkable results! ~ Cindy E.
I brought my six month old son to see Dr. Gail because he was suddenly refusing to nurse on the left or lay on his right side. He would fuss and arch away and fight me every time I would try to nurse him on the left side. He had never done that before. She checked him and found some issues in his neck, so she adjusted him (while he tried to play with her during the whole thing). He was happy and smiling immediately afterwards. Ten minutes later, I tried nursing him on that left side. Right away, he snuggled in and began nursing like he had before, with no problems or resistance at all. He then slept all the way home (we live about an hour away) and is now as happy and playful as can be. Both of my children have been adjusted since not long after birth, but today proved even more that chiropractic is for everyone – even babies! ~ Nikki & James N.
When my 31/2 year old dachsund, Hershey, was first injured he was completely down in back, unable to walk or stand. I brought him into see Dr. Gail Galligan for some chiropractic care. She adjusted him, and we came back in a week, she adjusted him…..by then he was able to walk by himself. Hershey had been too injured to go up or down the stairs in the house now he goes up and down the stairs all by himself, comes in and out of the house by himself and totally keeps up with his brother.!!!! He also has figured out that a good way to stretch his back is to go down on his tummy with his back legs out back, and front legs stretched out in front of him. One of the best things? Hershey is back to one favorite activities… chasing squirrels. I highly recommend Dr. Galligan for any problems you might have with your pets’ back or walking issues. ~ Leroy  S.
After a career in the Army, my shoulders, back and knees were pretty beat up. I was constantly suffering arthritis pains and muscle strains in my shoulders and neck, upper and lower back and knees. As a result I had a lost a good deal of range of motion in these areas. I came to Dr. Galligan on the recommendation of my physical therapist. Within weeks of beginning treatment, I began to feel significant improvement in my overall flexibility and a decrease in the general joint aches and pains, and the improvement continues. Beforehand I could barely walk for 15 minutes of exercise three times a week due to knee and back pain. Now I can walk twice that long five to seven times a week. Thanks Dr. Gail! ~ Jerry D
Prior to being a patient was having some neck pain. Good thing I came in to see Dr. Galligan my neck pain is zero, and I have much healthier looking skin. After regular chiropractic care I now feel much better and have a higher energy level. Over all I’m glad I made the decision to seek chiropractic care from Dr. Gail. ~ Gary L