Lavender Essential Oil

There was a day in the office when a young couple and their toddler were here. I was adjusting the mom while the little girl, Marley, was playing. For some reason, as children will do, she just started crying. Knowing the benefits of lavender, I opened the bottle and let Marley smell the lavender. Even to my amazement, Marley calmed down in what seemed like a moment. It was about four seconds. I am not going to say everyone would have this response, but she calmed down and went back to playing. In a few moments Marley had her adjustment and went home with less interference and more power in her body to fight the sniffles and cold she had.

I carry DoTerra Essential Oils. If you need something come by or call. If I don’t have something I can order it for you. You may even want to learn how to develop a business for yourself and family!