Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine boils down to meaning ‘fix it, don’t just cover it up/alter it. The WHY behind your physiology; the how it works and what is the big picture. But then it means how are you going to correct the issue?

The model we see so often is reactive. This leads us to living a life closer to symptoms, sickness, disease and death; a life that is running away from trying to not get sick or to prevent.

My view on life is how can we stay healthy? How do we live closer to health and wellness? How do we even avoid malaise? No longer running away from disease, but embracing and moving towards optimal function and health. You add in everything you can to add health to your life and work at removing toxic substances from your body and environment. Yes even toxic foods. (This is where a food allergy test is vital.)

So, bottom line… 1) get regular Chiropractic Adjustments for optimal nerve flow, optimal mobility, optimal organ function. 2) Eat only real food and eat nothing your great-x5-grandparents wouldn’t recognize (AND YES THE GRAIN IS NOT THE SAME; don’t eat grains.) 3) Drink only water that has been filtered just prior to drinking it. 4) Add essential oils to your life. See my link on doTERRA oils. They’ve been used for thousands of years adding health and assisting in wellness to many. Their vibration alone is higher than our foods we eat!! How amazing is that? So using them will add to your well being. 5) Do your best to remove anything non-beneficial in your life: emotional stress (fix it or change your situation) chemical stress (no more Febreze, no Lysol, no plug-ins, no chemical dryer sheets, no plastic bottles, no, no no. Add awareness!! and smart choices!! I hope the examples above are helpful. 6) Clean the body. I have a number of very safe cleanses available which can be customized to you/for you.

Last thing… a patient TOLD ME (made my day!) that he related chiropractic care to that of your car. “Would you wait until your engine was broken? or had a noise? (pain) Or would you do the regularly scheduled tune-ups?” And would you only get one car tuned-up or all of the cars (the whole family)? I even work on your animals as I am one of a thousand world wide certified in animal chiropractic by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association!

Even as I write this blog I took a few moments to be adjusted myself and then return the favor. I do what I ask my patients to do.