Better Body Testimonies

Maybe it is the passion drink, or …..maybe I am finding a new niche/growing into my  passion, maybe because I feel good, but I am sooo energized and feeling sooo happy…… when driving yesterday I thought……..  I have helped people for the past 10 yrs “to die,” (Nancy is a Hospice Minister) and now with Yoli (which means “to live” in Aztec) I am embarking on a new journey to help people “to live”…….hmmmm. deep, huh?  🤔😉🤓 …           I am RECLAIMING MY LIFE!” ~ Nancy C.

“The cancer was all gone. The Mohs surgery just showed clear. So all the Dr. Did was graft skin from my left ear area to where the cancer was.???????? God is soooo good. Wonder how much YOLI played in transforming my body!!” ~ John M.