About Our Practice

At Galligan Chiropractic, our emphasis is on total health. From the very first appointment, we work with our clients to increase and improve overall health, through compassionate spine care, regular maintenance and by empowering them to make good choices in proper nutrition and preventative health care.

As the owner and lead physician at Galligan Chiropractic, I wrote my mission statement:

My mission is to give from the heart and the hands, to the child in each of us a force which will permit the innate within to heal to its fullest potential allowing all of us to live at our optimum physical, mental and spiritual well-being and to avoid the devastating effects of the vertebral subluxation.”

I am proud to say that today, more than 19 years later, I still live by this motto and it has helped hundreds of patients, their families and pets over the years. I welcome you to see this change for yourself.

To schedule your appointment, please call us at 910-790-4575.